Photo: Pamela Pasco

Bree is an editor and one of the industry's most respected content marketing specialists. The Content Council recently recognized her more than 10 years of expertise in the field with their Rising Star Award, which represents the next generation in brand marketing.  

As Editor in Chief at the advertising agency Story Worldwide, Bree spearheads RCI/Wyndham's two flagship publications—Endless Vacation magazine and RCI Ventures magazine—across multiple platforms, including print, tablet, and social media. She helps RCI reach a variety of audiences (both B2C and B2B), grow its business, and achieve its objectives. Endless Vacation is the world's largest circulation travel magazine, reaching an audience of 1.7 million. Her work for RCI has been recognized by the Content Marketing Awards, the Pearl Awards, and the min Awards in more than 10 categories, including Best Overall Editorial and Best Special Issue.

Bree's background is in travel journalism: She was an editor at Travel + Leisure magazine,, and New York magazine. She also writes for MoneyBloomberg BusinessweekArt News, and other outlets. 

You may spot Bree hauling her beloved Bric's carry-on around the world, from Tanzania to Tokyo.